‘The Command To Look’ (2014) by Ingvild Clark


Artist Ingvild Clark
Title The Command To Look
Dimensions 750 x 600 mm (29.5 x 23.6 in)
Medium Acrylic on MDF board
Year 2014

“My paintings pile on the viewer with signs of danger, things that are supposedly universal that we recognise. Even down to colour, I use black and red for the associations of poisonous animals, blood and fire. I am interested in weird angles and painting without any particular horizon.” ~ IC


Ingvild Clark’s idiosyncratic painting The Command to Look is both grotesque and free-spirited. Her painting is bold, angular, expressive and a reminder of grotesque decorations found in medieval traditions in the drolleries of illuminated manuscripts.

Ingvild Clark confronts the viewer with a nightmare world of dreams in which horrific forms seem to flicker and change before our eyes. She is an inventor of monsters and chimeras of the imagination that seems reminiscent of heretical points of view or medieval morality.

“I like the idea of controlling the viewers gaze though images of fear, fascination, the grotesque and the unknown. I use many impactful elements when composing my paintings. Triangular shapes, slithering curves, sharp diagonal lines and looming masses, all signs of danger and I use them to make an initial impact. Death and the grotesque are my themes. Lost roads and angular contours are for the eye to follow around in the painting, making the viewer needing participate in my work.” ~ IC

See also: ‘The Hounds of Tindalos’ (2015) by Ingvild Clark.
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