‘Tear of Blood’ (2015) by Duarte Vitória

'Tear of Blood' by Duarte Vitória.

Artist Duarte Vitória
Title Ambiguous
Dimensions 1400 x 1500mm (55.11 x 59in)
Medium Oil on linen
Year 2015

““ I see human body as the biggest challenge for a visual artist. From the body I gain access to the visceral emotional state of the human being, every part of the body acting like an access code for me to tap into the vastness of the emotional palette.” ~ Art Critic Miguel Matos

Portuguese painter Duarte Vitória captures the material essence of his subjects, their sexuality and release on his large linen canvases. These icons have a meaty quality, an egregious fleshiness, revealing blood though wet papery skin and strong desire or craving through their ‘Id’ like gaze at the viewer.

“Some of us strive to break free from our animal and carnal side, yet we are fully aware that such effort is in vain. Aware that we will never succeed in ceasing to be flesh and blood we keep trying.” ~ MM

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