‘Blood Inside’ (2015) by Fergal T. Fitzpatrick


Artist Fergal T. Fitzpatrick
Title Blood Inside
Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm (39.3 x 39.3 in)
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Year 2015

“My Indulgence Games series are explorations between play and forbidden ritual. These paintings investigate the relationships between “Individual desire” and “the systems of a game, its self-imposed restrictions and its rules of play” .” ~ Fergal Fitzpatrick

“I am interested in how a gaming board or a play-ground can create a ‘magic circle’, defining a space in which individual players become winners or losers”. ~ FF

“Blood Inside” comprises of a square 5×5 grid framed by 32 cells, similar in form to the pre-marked surface on a gaming board or ritual table. The central image is a 6x6x6 triangle [a pattern donating organisation, advancement and stratification]. There is a flat plan of a cube forming an inverse cross and a collection of staring, forward facing skulls, a momento mori reminding us that life is a game born from chance and lived vitally through competition. The inverse cross shape is ordered both by the layout of the grid and by the system on the game, its factors of play. These 5 factors are Timing, Imagery. Direction. Balance. Desire. These are also the material mechanics used in ritual practice with Desire highlighted to emphasise that appetite and passion are needed for success.

“I have been slowly developing a visual language in the Indulgence Games series by using recurrent images and formal arrangements. These images reflect competitiveness, ritual, death, magic and forbidden spots. The paintings themselves are composed to create isolated areas in the form of visual gaming systems that look like hallowed ground within which special rules apply”. ~ FF

At the top of the composition is the Platonic symbol for the Earth, the hexahedron or cube which draws the eye to the peak of the triangle, raising materiality above all else to its apex.

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